CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Queen City News) –

Amid all the growth and change seen in South End in recent years, one business serves as a symbol of stability in the neighborhood. Dilworth Mattress Factory is celebrating its 93rd year in business.

New owners Scott and Dori Hirsch are the fourth generation of owners in the family custom mattress business. Started by his great-grandfather in 1931, Scott said he’s excited to keep the family dream alive.

“To find something that’s 92 years old is pretty rare these days, especially in Charlotte,” he said. “There have been a lot of businesses that Charlotte was known for that have gone out of business, even in the last few months, due to development. Luckily, we keep moving along. Our customers do that for us.”

Hirsch’s great-grandfather, Thomas Philbeck, started a mattress refurbish and repair business at the height of the Great Depression. He made a profit fixing the home necessities when many could not afford to buy replacements. The group did not begin selling new mattresses until the 1950s.

“I’ve had many long discussions with my uncle and my father who worked in the mattress factory as kids, sewing buttons on the mattresses and things like that,” Hirsch said. “My grandfather would pay them a nickel a piece per mattress once they sewed all the buttons in.”

The company has moved into several buildings throughout the nine-decade span, but operations have remained in the area that would eventually develop into the vibrant South End.

“If you look at our customer profile, it’s almost like a history of who’s who of Charlotte,” Hirsch said.

The family has received plenty of odd or challenging requests from banking giants to sports legends. For example, they have been asked for beds to fit on yachts, mattresses filling an entire room, or custom-shaped mattresses.

Hirsch said the key to staying in business for so long is a loyal customer base with a quality product.

“A customer who came in this week was a third generation of a family buying mattresses with us,” he said. “That’s so special to me.”

The owner claims the majority of sales are to repeat or referral customers. As they reach out to a newer, younger customer base, Hirsch said he finds people are often looking for a more tailored mattress buying experience and product than what they could find at a national chain.

“Having a good night’s sleep and being refreshed, I’m no doctor, but it’s so important,” Hirsch said.

Dilworth Mattress Factory is at 211 W. Worthington Ave. and serves customers by appointment only.