Blue Heaven mattress, meticulously crafted with a firm Talalay latex core and supportive bottom layer for optimal support and alignment.



Latex mattresses offer exceptional orthopedic support and minimize pressure points, thereby creating a comforting layer that reduces potential pressure buildup during sleep.

Thanks to its exceptional and unique properties, natural latex stands out as the only material capable of consistently delivering the perfect support to your body throughout the night, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep, night after night.


Discover the exquisite comfort of our top-tier Eastover Mattress Collection, an emblem of supreme craftsmanship from Dilworth since 1975. This best-selling range of innerspring mattresses is a testament to exceptional sleep experiences.

All models use only premium grade innersprings and are enhanced by the addition of side and end supports.

Eastover Supreme Mattress - Encased in a Cooling Cover that Provides a Cool Comfortable Surface and Quilting to Temperature Regulating Gel.


Lennox Mattress by Dilworth Mattress Factory Offers a Softer Surface with Balancing Plush Comfort and Firm Support.



Every model from Lennox is equipped with a dual surface for rotation, and they’re constructed with superior-grade springs, high-quality cushioning, and premium covers.

With the Lennox line offering two distinct models, Plush and Firm, you can select based on your preference for firmness or plushness, all while enjoying a quality comparable to most high-end name brand mattresses.


Discover the 12-inch hybrid mattress with advanced technology and a cooling knit fabric cover for a refreshing night’s sleep. Conveniently shipped in a box.

This mattress in a box is wrapped in a soft knit cooling fabric cover, this mattress ensures a refreshing and cool night’s rest like no other.

Mlilly Mattress by Dilworth Mattress Factory has a 12-inch Hybrid Mattress with Advanced Technology and Cooling Knit Fabric.